Insurance Cover

If your appointment is covered by a health insurance company you will need to contact them before your visit to allocate a claim number/authorisation code. You may have limits on your policy or excesses that you need to check first.

Embassy Patients

If your treatment is guaranteed by an Embassy then they must provide us with their Letter of Guarantee ( LOG ) prior to treatment. The LOG should be on the official letterhead of the Embassy containing the correspondence address, contact name and telephone number. The letter must also state the correct date and description of the consultation and treatment.


If you are funding your own treatment, then we will usually ask you to pay for any charges on the day of your appointment. We accept all major debit and credit cards. Please remember that any prices quoted are only for the initial outpatient consultation. Any blood tests or scans performed in the hospital will be extra. We will always give you information regarding cost before booking any tests.

Referral Letters

It is preferable to have a referral letter from your lo GP but not essential. A referral letter maybe a requirement of your private health insurer in order to cover your visit. Any previous medical reports that can be obtained would be helpful.